Check out the list below of questions we usually get from donors and volunteers about camp. If we didn't answer your question or you'd like more details, drop us a line here.

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Q. Where is camp?

A. The campground is located in Amite, LA. You will have a chance to see the campground at training. It is beautiful!

Q. Do I have to stay the night?

A. Counselors and camp staff must stay overnight Sunday through Thursday night. Support teams that help with special events only need to come out to the campground for those events. Night Angels serve from 6:30pm until 9:30pm Monday through Thursday at the campground.

Q. Does this missions trip cost me anything?

A. Not monetarily. Your training, food, and lodging for the week are covered through donations from local churches and individuals in the community. But if you'd like to donate, feel free!

Q. Are there other ways to help besides camp?

A. Yes! We have opportunities to serve the foster care community every month of the year! Send us an email, and we will get you connected with a SERVE Team.

Q. I've volunteered at camp before, do I still have to come to training?

A. Yes! Plus, it's the perfect opportunity to meet all the new counselors and staff.

Q. Can one week really make a difference when these kids have been through so much?

A. Absolutely. Just ask a former RFK Camper who is now grown up. There are literally thousands of them, each with their own, unique SOTO (Story of the One). Check out a few SOTOs here.